Rozanne Gooding

Joined July 24, 2020
(913) 710-9800
Hello! I'm so excited to be joining ILA! I have roughly 20 years of teaching under my belt. I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a biological science teaching degree with a social science minor many moons ago. I first started off teaching high school biology for 7 years in Mesa, Arizona. After my daughter and son were born, I homeschooled them for a decade teaching history and various science courses in many co-ops from AZ to CA. I have also taught in charter school and physical science classes for middle/high school students in private education. My teens are now finishing up their high school years taking community college dual enrollment courses freeing me up to continue doing the one thing I LOVE TO DO-TEACH KIDS!  My hobbies include cooking, gardening, traveling, swimming, biking, and hanging out with my husband of over 26 years and our 2 dogs. We have an English Bulldog named Muggs, and a French Mastiff named Mick. 

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Sep 14 - Jan 29, 2021
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