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Dear Future Math Master Parents, 
I'm beyond thrilled with the privilege of teaching your child to fall in LOVE with math! I must admit that my reasons for teaching these classes are extremely selfish. You see, I was an elementary/middle school teacher for many years as well as an elementary and middle school principal. I grasped a model of instruction that lead my students to fall in love with learning and transform any pre-conceived negative beliefs they had about math. When I became a homeschool mom to my three girls, I often thought, "If only I was as fun with my own kids as I was with all the hundreds I had taught preciously!"  Shortly after, this class was born. I promise you my desire for teaching this class is to make my own girls, along with your children, fall in love with math and develop a love for learning no matter what their learning style is. I have 3 very different kids who all learn in different ways so my approach is to teach to every style.  I desire to create a class for your child in which they are eager to not only get to each day, but which fosters a love for learning and motivates them to be prepared. I live in Encinitas, Ca, with my husband Todd and our three spunky daughters Gracie, Harper and Daphne.
Math Masters
This course is designed to highly motivate every kind of student to engage while mastering essential foundational math concepts. Math can be FUN and this class will prove that! Whether your child is just beginning a journey memorizing their multiplication tables or has struggled along the road, this is the class for them. Using several different teaching strategies and methodologies that have proven to motivate hundreds of students to fall in love with learning your kids will graduate this course with a solid math foundation giving confidence along whatever road they choose to travel.

By the end of this course students will CONFIDENTLY be able to:
* Master multiplication tables 0-12
*Be exposed to and have ability to master double digit multiplication
* Master simple and be exposed to complex division problems
* Confidently convert fractions, decimals and percentages
* Memorize several foundational math formulas and vocabulary terms
*Memorize measurements and conversions
*Understand order of operations
*Count Money
*Understand Order of Operations
*Skip Count
* Confidently Approach Math

Sample Class Schedule:
*Skip Counting Games, Chants and Songs using kinesthetic motions and movement to engage all parts of the brain 
*Wrap Ups (kinesthetic approach to memorizing multiplication tables)  
*Timed Test (students will compete against themselves not others) 
*Mental Math activit├ęs 
*Counting Money Game (reinforcing number sense) 
*Mental Math Warm Up - individually, whole and small group
*New Concept taught through song, motion, movement, example, guided practice, individual practice and assessment   
*24 Game  Competition - sure to be the highlight of their class time if not their day! 
Monthly Award Ceremonies (Last 5 minutes of class last week of the month)
* "24" rankings
* Best Effort
*Most improved
*Significant Accomplishment

This course is designed to highly motivate every kind of student to engage and have fun while mastering essential foundational math concepts. This will compliment any math program you are doing at home. No homework will be assigned but do not be surprised if you find your child practicing at home in preparation for class!

Recommended for home practice between classes:
*Set of Multiplication Flash Cards 0-12
*Learning Wrap Ups Multiplication Self Correcting Keys

*24 Math Game  (A great activity to play with the family during dinner or any other designated family time) 

The cost of tuition for our 16 week class is $265 ($250+ $15 materials fee). There are many payment options to make it convenient for you. You are welcome to: 
1) Venmo me tuition by first day of class at   @Heather-Dalton-2  
2) Check first day of class
3) Pay monthly via Venmo/Check 
4) Pay via charter funds (working on being approved by those requesting me but will be a while)  

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