Adventures in Literature

Language Arts
6th - 9th
Tuesday 8:30 am - 9:55 am
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Course Description

Come join us with "Adventures in Literature"!  Asking the question, "What makes great literature?", we will look at a variety of writing types, including the short story, the novel, select poems, and other classic works.  To build on writing skills, students will work on constructed reading responses, a literary analysis, and interpretive reviews.  Special projects  include a cooperative effort creating a poetry booklet, build-a-story, and an independent project writing a short story.   Reading becomes an adventure as characters come to life and the story setting takes on shape.  Such skills as reading comprehension and composition follow as students become more comfortable with reading.  Experience the joy of reading with "Adventures in Literature"! 


Class Type
Language Arts
08:30 am - 09:55 am
Meridian Campus
Room 209
6th - 9th
Tuition Amount
$ 240.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 25.00 USD /term
Accepts Charters
Because the class meets just one day a week, there will be some work assigned outside of the class meeting time. As a literature class, we will be reading several examples of literature during the semester and students will have outside reading assigned and a reading log to maintain.
Other Information
The $25 materials fee is for classroom materials but does not cover the novels we will use during the semester. A course booklist will be posted in August so that the required books may be purchased or found at a local library prior to the start of the semester. As with all of the ILA courses, a $50.00 deposit is due by AUGUST 1st to guarantee your student a spot in the class. The class fee can be paid up front or a payment plan can be set up to make payments through the semester. (This class meets for 90 minute periods/one day weekly). The payment schedule recommended for ILA is as follows: Deposit + 3 payments which are due the first week of each month for the semester - - - First Semester: [$50.00 deposit due by AUGUST 1st to guarantee student spot in the course- $50.00] [First week of Class Instruction (includes $25.00 materials fee) - $95.00] [First week of October - $60.00] [First week of November - $60.00] - - - Second Semester: [$50.00 deposit due two weeks prior to the first day of class- $50.00] [First week of February (includes $25.00 materials fee) - $95.00] [First week of March - $60.00] [First week of April - $60.00] Payments can be made directly to me by Venmo, cash, or check. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - While I welcome any/all students to participate in this course, I maintain the freedom and the privilege to present content from a Christian Worldview perspective. Many families who attend ILA choose this program because they are dissatisfied with the content taught in the public education system and are seeking content which addresses a foundation built on Truth and Biblical precepts. For those who receive state funding for their student's schooling, it is incumbent for parents to make the determination that the course content meets charter requirements for reimbursement. I do not believe it is my responsibility, nor am I qualified to make any determination regarding those requirements for state funding reimbursements.

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