Mad Dog Math 3rd-6th

3rd - 6th
Tuesday 8:30 am - 9:25 am
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Course Description

Math’s BEST Friend
Teacher: Julie Kotoff
Tuesdays at 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 12:30
Class fee: $162 per semester
Materials fee: 1st semester: $50 (includes online MDM game and flash cards); 2nd semester $34 (software only-no need to again purchase flash cards) NO OTHER MATERIALS NEEDED FOR CLASS.
***Mad Dog Math takes NO new students second semester because we build on what was learned first semester. 
   The foundation for strong math literacy is math facts mastery. It is the gateway to fractions, which in turn, is the gateway to algebra. Students who master their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts are better able to tackle higher-level math problems as they get older. 
  There are some tricks to learning the facts, but mostly it is by hard work, deliberate intention, and repetition that these facts are acquired. The tricks will be introduced and the Mad Dog Math system will be used in the classroom, as well as math games and Marcy Cook Tile cards to help students learn their facts. 
   If your child finds math frightening, laborious, discouraging, in need of acquiring the facts, or in need of moving from accuracy to automaticity (fast, accurate, and with very little thought), then this is the class for him or her. The multi-level class will be broken up into groups by grade level or ability.  All students will move through the 3 stations (Teacher Station, Math Games Station, and the Marcy Cook Tile Station) each week and will begin mastering their facts at their own pace.  1st and 2nd graders will focus on the addition and subtraction facts while students in 3rd grade and up will concentrate on the multiplication and division facts. Ten minutes of practice with flash cards and the online Mad Dog Math game are required daily (Mon-Fri) to progress. 
  Class lesson plans are sent home each Tuesday evening from my personal email for that day.

***CLASS HELPERS: Julie is looking for 2 dedicated moms/dads to help out in the classroom each Tuesday while she “mans” the Teacher Station. The 2 stations needing help are the Tile Station and the Math Games Station. No planning is required. She will have everything you need. She guarantees you will enjoy yourself, too! If interested, please let her know.

We work hard attaining the math facts as we go through each fact family one by one. Students will practice 10-minutes per day on their MDM online game to prepare them for second semester. MDM Certificates are earned each time a student passes a club. A video on my website explains the MDM system.

The second semester is an extension of the first. We have worked hard on the math facts during the first semester and will now start applying those facts to higher order concepts. White boards and markers will be used in class. Ten minutes per day is still required on the Mad Dog Math online game to master those math facts. 
1st grade: mental math, +8, 9, and 10’s tricks, place value, math terms, adding and subtracting with and without borrowing and carrying, and more... 
2nd grade: mental math, +8, 9, and 10’s tricks, place value, math terms, adding and subtracting with and without borrowing and carrying, column addition, introduce x/÷ and the x2, 5, and 10’s families, and more... 
3rd grade and up: math terms, mental math, division with remainders, harder multiplication with carrying (2-4 digits x 2-digit multiplier), long division with checking, place value, and more... 

• All up front OR
• $50 deposit due August 1st to guarantee student spot (covers materials fee)
• $54 due 1st week of class
• $54 due 1st week of Nov.
• $54 due 1st week of Dec.

• All up front OR
• $50 deposit due 2 weeks prior to first day of class (covers materials fee and partial class fee
• $49 due 1st week of Feb.
• $49 due 1st week of Mar.
• $49 due 1st week of Apr.

• I accept cash and checks.
• I also accept payments via Venmo: 

Contact: (562) 533-5772
Mailing Address: 
Julie Kotoff
2316 San Francisco Lane
Nampa, ID 83686

***Mad Dog Math is a non-faith-based class and is reimbursable by all charter schools.


Class Type
08:30 am - 09:25 am
Meridian Campus
Room 215A
3rd - 6th
Tuition Amount
$ 160.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 50.00 USD /term
Accepts Charters
**10 minutes per day Mon-Fri on the MDM online game
Other Information
***Group size minimum 4 ***Certificates awarded for each club passed ***MDM is nonsectarian and charter funds are accepted

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