Math 4

Monday, Wednesday 8:30 am - 9:25 am
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Math 4 - Singapore 4a/4b Math Course
  • Instructor: Anjana Larsen
  • Cellphone: 951-526-7866 call/text
  • Email:
We are going to have a great year! My goal is to provide a fun and engaging learning environment where all students can feel excited to discover and comfortable contributing to the learning.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if your child is struggling.   Although you are your child’s primary teacher, I am here to help with math tutoring, encouragement, and resources to help your child succeed this year in this math class. It takes a village!
Required materials:
  • Singapore Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition Workbook 4a (Fall) and 5b (Spring)
  • Singapore Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition Textbook 4a (Fall) and 5b (Spring)
  • Primary Mathematics Home Instructor’s Guide 4a (Fall) and 4b (Spring)
  • 180 Days of Math for Fourth Grade by Shell Education
Grading Summary
  • Class participation (10%)
  • Completion of daily spiral review (10%)*
  • Completion of daily workbook exercises (50%)*
  • Tests (30%)**
*You will have the answers for the spiral review in the 180 Days of Math Workbook and also the answers for the workbook exercises in the Home Instructor’s Guide 5a and 5b (Fall and Spring) that you purchase for the class. 
Both the spiral review and workbook exercises will be graded at home by an adult.  Please have your child correct missed items so they learn from their mistakes.  
**All tests will be taken at home and returned to me to grade
  • All errors on student's homework must be corrected and signed by a parent on the last page of the week’s assignment to receive full credit
  • If the homework has not been corrected completely, the student will receive only 1/2 credit

Tips for Struggling Students:
  1. Make sure to dedicate time to do their Math homework each day.  Provide a quiet workspace without distractions.  Help your student get started by reviewing the concept for the day in their textbook and check answers to workbook exercises early and often.  
  2. Explain wrong answers to your child and help them correct their work.  Struggling students may not be able to complete their assignments independently
  3. Have a “fact page” out and accessible if math facts are not memorized
  4. Work on Math during your student’s best time of the day, usually first thing in the morning
  5. To wake up the brain, have your student do some exercise to get their body moving before working on Math
  6. If necessary, break work time into manageable 15-minute sessions to help them stay focused
  7. Provide a reward for 5 days of hard work with a good attitude. For example, star an assignment when the daily goal is met and track their work until they earn 5 stars :-)
  8. Keep flashcards of facts not memorized in a place they can be practiced daily such as on the fridge, kitchen counter, car, desk in bedroom, or in a decorated folder or notebook


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Monday, Wednesday
08:30 am - 09:25 am
ILA Murrieta
Tuition Amount
$ 384.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 10.00 USD /term
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