Algebra 1

Monday, Wednesday 8:30 am - 9:25 am
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Algebra 1 - ThinkWell Algebra 1 Course
  • Instructor: Maricela Lemos
  • Cellphone: 925-864-6673 call/text
  • Email: creatingconfidencemath@gmailcom
I am looking forward to a great year! My goal is to provide an encouraging environment where students may ask questions and feel comfortable presenting solutions. In this ALGEBRA 1 course we will build on our Pre-Algebra foundation.  Included topics are Real numbers, functions, calculating percentages, solving and graphing linear and   quadratic equations, and so much more!..Students will develop strong analytical skills to be prepared for higher level courses such as Geometry and Algebra 2.

Students will be required to complete regular homework assignments, tests, and a final to succeed in this course. Parent involvement is only required to grade the Worksheets and to monitor their students at home as they do their homework and take tests.
I will provide weekly assignment sheets that include online Exercises, Worksheets, Practice Tests and Chapter Tests. Only Worksheets will be graded by parents. Students, Parents and Teachers are the winning team for success and I am here to walk this math journey with you. 
Required materials:
Grading Summary
  • Class participation (10%)
  • Homework: Exercises & Worksheets (50%)*
  • Tests (40%)**
*Exercises are automatically graded online and solutions are provided for missed questions. Students are to rework missed problems until an 85-100% score is earned for each assigned Exercise. Student grades can be accessed any time on the student Thinkwell account. Parents will grade and sign Worksheets using the solutions provided in the back of the Worksheets book.  Students may rework any missed Worksheet questions after their work is graded in order to improve their Worksheet score.  I will review student work to refine strategies as needed. Please have your child correct missed items and circle any homework questions that need further clarification. 

**Practice Tests are automatically graded online and students are to retake the Practice Tests until a score of 90-100% is earned.  Tests are also automatically graded online (yay!). All work must be shown, I recommend a simple spiral-bound notebook be dedicated for showing work from test questions. This will be turned in to teacher after each test.
  • Student Worksheet homework score must be listed and signed by a parent for full credit.

Tips for Struggling Students:
  1. Help them to dedicate time to do their Math homework each day.  Provide a quiet workspace without distractions.  Help your student get started by having them watch the assigned lecture and read the new concept for the day in their ThinkWell Notes Book.
  2. Using the Workbook solutions explain missed answers to your child and help them correct their work.  
  3. Work on Math during your student’s best time of the day, usually first thing in the morning
  4. To wake up the brain, have your student do some exercise to get their body moving before working on Math
  5. If necessary, break work time into manageable 30-minute sessions to help them stay focused
  6. If Student is struggling with memorizing their multiplication facts I recommend 15 minutes each day playing  the online games found on


Class Type
Monday, Wednesday
08:30 am - 09:25 am
ILA Murrieta
Tuition Amount
$ 384.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 10.00 USD /year
Accepts Charters
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