Biology: DNA Unraveled

8th - 9th
Monday, Wednesday 8:30 am - 9:55 am
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Course Description

This college-prep biology course is designed to be the student's first high school science course, and provides students with a thorough understanding of the relevance of scientific inquiry. Textbook readings are backed by hands-on experiments that take students' book knowledge and bring it into real-world applications. After completing this course, students will be able to understand the vocabulary of biology and gain a strong understanding of the scientific method that will equip them to analyze data across other disciplines.

Modules cover atoms, chemical structures, ecosystems, biomes, ecological communities, cell structure and function, cellular energy, DNA, proteins, cell cycles, and genetics (including inheritance, disorders, and technology). Students will also learn about prokaryotes, viruses, protists, fungi, and the fascinating worlds of plants and animals.

Holt McDougal Biology is the book we are going through. You may purchase a used student version like the one in this link. Do not purchase the lab book for this.


Class Type
Monday, Wednesday
08:30 am - 09:55 am
ILA Murrieta
8th - 9th
Tuition Amount
$ 480.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 0.00 USD /term
Accepts Charters
Homework is significant and can take 1 to 2 hours a week. A lab report is due, weekly, as well.
Other Information
I accept charter funds and cash payments. I am approved through Granite Mountain, SCALE, Sage Oak, Excel and Sky Mountain. If you have a charter that is not listed here, please, contact them and request me as a vendor. Once a student is registered, you will receive a welcome letter from me that has the link for the Google Classroom attached. The syllabus will be in Google Classroom.

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