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How to Manage Student Logins

To setup a username and password for your child to login into their student portal:

  1. Log into your parent dashboard
  2. Navigate to "My children"
  3. Click "View Profile" on the child you want to give logins to and then click "Edit".
  4. Scroll down to the "Student Login" section and give them a unique username and password
  5. Save changes

student logins

How to Login as a Student

  1. Navigate to the student login page /student/login. If you are already on the login page, click the 'Student Login' button at the bottom. The student login page should look similiar to the screenshot below.

student login

  1. Enter the student's username and password
  2. Click sign in

If you're having trouble logging in, as the parent, you can change their username and password at any time by following the directions above "How to Manage Student Logins".

After logging in, students will see a list of classes. They can change which semester and campus they are viewing by using the dropdown menu.

student classes

To view class assignments or the class feed, students should click on the class and use the tabs to navigate to each.

student classwork

student feed

If enabled, students can post to the class, reply to posts with a comment, leave a class comment on an assignment or engage in a private comment thread with teacher(s) regarding a specific assignent. Parents can view all of a student's posts and comments and can even post on behalf of their student from their own parent dashboard.

private comments