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2nd - 6th
Wednesday 9:10 am - 10:10 am
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We at Science-2-U believe that homeschoolers are our future, so it is our passion to make sure they are prepared to function in the future as critical thinkers who are able to find logical solutions based on discoverable facts. We provide tried and true, interactive, hands-on, exciting science classes. Your student will catch our passion for science. They learn skills such as working with lab partners, the names and proper use of scientific equipment and problem solving with the scientific method. Each class is designed to be relatable so the students can understand their lessons and build a strong foundation in science. Our elementary students are well prepared to enter our middle and high school classes such as life science, earth science, physical science, biology and chemistry.  Science taught well at a young age leads to creative, critically thinking adults. Topics this year include:

Scientific Method

What is the scientific method?  It is a logical way of problem solving in science?  In fact, you use this method everyday but you probably just don't realize it. We will practice this method every week by solving cool, fun experiments with many outcomes. Your student will decide what they want to test and try it right in class. Some of the experiments we'll figure out using the scientific method will be;  What is the best way to make the perfect flying plane? How can you test whether an egg is raw or hard boiled without breaking it? Why does food coloring react differently to different types of milk? How can you tell what is in a box without picking it up? We'll even throw in more crazy experiments until you are a walking, talking scientist! See you there! 

Germs and Disease

What exactly are germs?  How do you catch a cold?  What is a disease?  We'll explore the differences between bacteria and viruses and study some common diseases and learn prevention techniques. This class will be filled with tons of interesting experiments!


Learn about the relationships that make this world so unique. We will study everything from the food chain to acid rain. We'll be making some cool ecological models using soda bottles (so start saving those 2-L soda bottles)!

The Attractive World of Magnets

Can you resist the pull of magnets and the fields they create? We'll discover what magnets are, what types of materials they can and cannot attract, how many different types of magnets there are, and how magnetism relates to electricity! You won't be able to pull yourself away from this class!

More Detective Investigations

Are you ready for  mysterious capers that need to be investigated?  We will put you to work as a forensic scientist, using actual crime lab techniques to help us solve some interesting cases.  Completion of Detective Investigations #1 is not necessary for participation in this class.  This class is all Hands-On!

 Geology Rocks!

Come learn about the earth is made up of. We’ll study plate tectonics, mountain formation, earthquakes, volcanoes, erosion and more with fun and messy experiments!!


Learn about the life-cycle of the silkworm. We'll study this creature from egg to larvae to pupa to moth. Each student will receive their own silkworms and science journal. This class is even a great idea for a science fair project! We'll also read Jill Wilcox's book called, "Wego the Wonderful Silkworm".


Class Type
09:10 am - 10:10 am
Orange County Campus
M 103
2nd - 6th
Tuition Amount
$ 280.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 0.00 USD /term
Accepts Charters
Our in class labs are supported by optional homework activities that can be found on edmodo and can be assigned by parents if desired.
Other Information
We accept all charters. Classes run in 4 week units and can be joined at any time.

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