Math 7

6th - 7th
Monday, Wednesday 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
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Course Description

     Math 7 is the first course in a two–semester series that prepares students for success in higher level math courses. Students will focus deeply on integers, decimals, exponents, factors, fractions, ratios and proportions and begin working with expressions and equations. This course will provide a firm foundation to prepare students for the rigors of pre-Algebra and High school level math. Each week in class, Mrs. Strickler will answer homework questions, teach new concepts, and provide some remediation of unmastered skills. Students will also understand how important math is to their future in school and their careers!

Students will be required to complete regular homework assignments, tests, and a final to succeed in this course. Parent involvement only requires monitoring homework and tests at home.

Mrs. Strickler will provide all instruction, free, weekly tutoring, homework help, test grading, and semester grades for this course. We will make math come alive! Through games, class projects, hands-on crafts, and other enrichment, your student will be motivated to work hard and succeed, engaging all kinds of learners!  I never want to be bored, so I work hard to make sure your students are either!!  
We will even have a big Pi Day celebration with an art project and a scavenger hunt!

Tuition: $508 plus a $10 supply fee per semester.  This includes 2 90-minute classes per week and free tutoring after school and at a local coffee shop nearly every week.

Charter School: Yes, I am a vendor with Excel, Ilead, and Inspire.  I am A-G approved for Algebra 1 and Geometry.  Charters list me under my business name, iMath.

Materials:  McDougall-Littel Course 2 textbook, copyright 2007.  This curriculum is pre-Common Core.  You can purchase this on Amazon, used, and you can choose a book from ANY state, it just must be copyrighted 2007.  It has a purple binder with a basketball hoop on it. 


Class Type
Monday, Wednesday
12:30 pm - 02:00 pm
Orange County Campus
S 102
6th - 7th
Tuition Amount
$ 508.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 10.00 USD /term
Accepts Charters
This class has about 3-4 hours of homework per week.
Other Information
I am a vendor with Excel, iLead, and Inspire. I am listed under my business name, iMath.

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