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Language Arts
6th - 8th
Monday 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
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All of your student's hard work in grammar over the years culminates in this book!

Why teach grammar?
The study of grammar teaches students to think logically, increase their vocabulary, and improve their quality of writing. The continued study of Grammar allows students to become capable communicators who can participate in the arena of ideas; students who can articulate their ideas and even persuade others.

The curriculum that will be used in this course for grammar is Growing with Grammar. This curriculum is one of the most complete grammar curriculums available. It is rigorous, but not overwhelming. It is well organized, clear, ordered and logical, and best of all, easy to use! Also, Growing with Grammar is one of the few curriculums that teaches the student to diagram sentences. But why diagram a sentence? When we diagram a sentence we take it apart, we study the parts, and then we put it back together again. We are analyzing the sentence, we are “thinking” through the sentence. Diagramming reinforces grammar concepts that are being taught, and helps us focus on the structures and patterns of language. It helps us think about the way we use language.

At this level, and in this class, students will go beyond the eight parts of speech that they have learned over the past years. We will dive even deeper into concepts such as progressive tenses, emphatic forms, active and passive voice, appositive phrases, diagramming appositive phrases, diagramming compound prepositions, participles, participial phrases, diagramming participles, diagramming participial phrases, gerunds, gerund phrases, diagramming gerunds, diagramming gerund phrases, infinitives, infinitive phrases, diagramming infinitives, diagramming infinitive phrases and much more!

This class will not be boring! Yes, I know it IS grammar, but I use all senses to teach, and plenty of games to learn. Engaging students in the process is key to what the students get out of the class I hope you join us!

Class Format:
I will provide a monthly lesson plan before each month begins. It will show you what will be covered in class each Wednesday and what work is to be done at home. I will cover the week’s lessons in class on Wednesday and then the students will have a daily grammar assignment, based on what was taught Wednesday, to complete at home.

Placement: New Students Only
Please have your student take the diagnostic test linked below to assure that your student is enrolled in the correct grade level. You can use the answer key linked below to correct the test.

Diagnostic Test:


Class Type
Language Arts
12:30 pm - 02:00 pm
Orange County Campus
S 201
6th - 8th
Tuition Amount
$ 265.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 25.00 USD /year
Accepts Charters
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