Math Masters - (Multiplication Mastery!)

3rd - 6th
Monday 2:10 pm - 3:10 pm
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Course Description

This course is designed to highly motivate every kind of student to engage while mastering essential foundational math concepts. Math can be FUN and this class will prove that! Whether your child is just beginning a journey memorizing their multiplication tables or has struggled along the road, this is the class for them. Using several different teaching strategies and methodologies that have proven to motivate hundreds of students to fall in love with learning your kids will graduate this course with a solid math foundation giving confidence along whatever road they choose to travel.

By the end of this course students will CONFIDENTLY be able to:
* Master multiplication tables 0-12
* Be able to do simple and complex division problems
* Confidently convert fractions, decimals and percentages
* Memorize several foundational math formulas and terms
*Understand order of operations
* Confidently Approach Math

Sample Class Schedule:
*Skip Counting Games, Chants and Songs using kinesthetic motions and movement to engage all parts of the brain 
*Wrap Ups (kinesthetic approach to memorizing multiplication tables)  
*Timed Test (students will compete against themselves not others) 
*Mental Math activit├ęs 
*Counting Money Game (reinforcing number sense) 
*Mental Math Warm Up - individually, whole and small group
*New Concept taught through song, motion, movement, example, guided practice, individual practice and assessment   
*24 Game  Competition - sure to be the highlight of their class time if not their day! 
Monthly Award Ceremonies (First 5 minutes of class last week of the month)
* "24" rankings
* Best Effort
*Most improved
*Significant Accomplishment

This course is designed to highly motivate every kind of student to engage and have fun while mastering essential foundational math concepts. This will compliment any math program you are doing at home. No homework will be assigned but do not be surprised if you find your child practicing at home in preparation for class!

Recommended for home practice between classes:
*Set of Multiplication Flash Cards 0-12
*Learning Wrap Ups Multiplication Self Correcting Keys

*24 Math Game  (A great activity to play with the family during dinner or any other designated family time) 


Class Type
02:10 pm - 03:10 pm
Carlsbad Campus
3rd - 6th
Tuition Amount
$ 250.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 15.00 USD /term
Accepts Charters
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