Creative outLIT

Language Arts
1st - 3rd
Monday 8:30 am - 9:30 am
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Course Description

Creative outLIT is a semester in which books will creatively come to life through fun and engaging activities as we dig deep into the pages of quality literature, explore new genres, and even create our own written works. Woven into each novel unit of study, students will cover language arts standards, as well as develop critical thinking skills through written responses, discussions, challenges, hands-on projects, and special experiences. The beginning of the semester will include a book tasting at our very own “StarBOOKS Café” where we’ll sample a variety of genres, giving us ideas for free choice reading throughout the year. Following, we’ll read fiction, realistic fiction, historical fiction, and poetry. This won’t be your typical reading class, so be prepared to travel back in time, become friends with a character, or even become a reporter/critic looking in on the situation at hand, all while you hone your comprehension skills learning to summarize, search for theme, make inferences, predict, question, create, and write. 
K-2 – Story picture books will be used in hands-on classroom activities with at-home extension ideas given each week to reinforce skills/concepts presented in class.
3-5 & 6-8 – Novels, story picture books as mentor texts, as well as shorter pieces of literature & poetry will be used in class with at-home extension ideas, assigned at-home reading, and assignment/project completion given each week.
* Cost includes all in-class materials and take-home activities. 
* Cost does not include novel/book purchases for 3-5 or 6-8 classes. More information to follow 


Class Type
Language Arts
08:30 am - 09:30 am
Carlsbad Campus
1st - 3rd
Tuition Amount
$ 275.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 0.00 USD /term
Accepts Charters
Other Information
I am in process of application with PCA (Inspire) Charter. At this time, that will be the only charter funds accepted. Please contact me if that will affect your enrollment. Thank you

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