Fine Art

7th - 12th
Thursday 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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Course Description

Join us as we study the figure and form, create stunning drawing & paintings from real life, Learn all about the art of portraiture and more! This spring we will work with acrylic, gouache, inks, drawing materials, watercolor and much more as we create realistic portraits and plein air (drawing from nature) paintings. Discover how to layout facial features using movement and emotions, learn how to draw figures in perspective, and see the art of realism come to life in each work that is created!

Please note that each semester is a brand new idea and theme so you can continue in the class for more then just one semester/year!

TUITION: $240 Please see note on material expected EACH class. 

Excel, ILEAD, Inspire, NUA, Golden Valley, Epic, Elite, Sky Mountain, Pathways, Springs, Sage Oak, Summit, Compass, Scale (Let us know if you are with another charter and we will be happy to join)
You can find us under 'Creative Creatures & Co.' or try 'Creative Creatures and Co.'


Class Type
01:00 pm - 02:00 pm
Carlsbad Campus
7th - 12th
Tuition Amount
$ 240.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 0.00 USD /term
Accepts Charters
All work will be done in class.
Other Information
With everything going on we are needing to change our policy on supplies, whether we go online or in person, to protect our students and teachers we are asking that each student supplies their own mini art kit, we have simplified it to a wonderful list of materials that hopefully you have some of at home already and the others we have provided a quick amazon list. You can also find the materials at any hobby shop, 99 cent store, Daiso, target, staples..etc, I know a lot of companies are offering great back to school deals right now! ART SUPPLIES NEEDED: 1)Sketch Book 2)Mixed Media Paper Pad 3)Watercolor Paper pad 4)Watercolor palette (preferably one that comes with a brush) 5)Oil Pastels or Crayons 6)shoe box or small box to keep everything in so students can have the supplies ready for each class! OPTIONAL ITEMS: 7)India ink (you could always use a fine tip black pen too) 8)Basic Gouache or acrylic set, whichever feels more comfortable for your family, if you want to just stick to the watercolor set that would be perfectly fine too! Additional supplies that you may have in home: scrap cardboard (we will be using these as paint palettes) watercups for paints We will be dropping our class fee to $240 from $255 due to this new change. AMAZON LIST OF SUPPLIES (these are the brands we love but by all means if you find something more affordable do that!):

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