LA-D Grammar & Spelling

Language Arts
4th - 6th
Thursday 9:40 am - 10:40 am
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Grammar, spelling, dictation and vocab all in one class!

Why teach grammar? The study of grammar teaches students to think logically, increase their vocabulary, and improve their quality of writing. The continued study of Grammar allows students to become capable communicators who can participate in the arena of ideas; students who can articulate their ideas and even persuade others.

But why diagram a sentence? When we diagram a sentence we take it apart, we study the parts, and then we put it back together again. We are analyzing the sentence, we are “thinking” through the sentence. Diagramming reinforces grammar concepts that are being taught, and helps us focus on the structures and patterns of language. It helps us think about the way we use language.

Our grammar curriculum will be combined with the spelling curriculum Spell to Write and Read. Students will learn 70 basic phonograms and the 28 spelling rules that will help them “think” to spell. We start with the most frequently used words in our language and group them according to spelling difficulty. The student hears the word, and then along with the teacher, builds the word from the phonograms and spelling rules that they have learned. The student learns to see each word as a sequential group of sounds rather than a sequence of meaningless unrelated letters.

Spell to Write and Read uses a marking system that stimulates logic and thinking. The student, along with the teacher, take the spelling word apart, separate the word by syllable, and then mark the word by phonogram and spelling rule. This teaches the student to think and not guess. When we combine dictation and vocabulary exercises with the spelling lists, we have a very well rounded program that will make your student not only a great speller but a student who is learning to “think logically” through their work.

This class is for every type of student. For example Spell to Write and Read lends itself to the advanced student but is also a program used specifically to help struggling students as well because of the way it is taught.

This class will not be boring! Yes, I know it IS grammar and spelling, but I use all senses to teach, and plenty of games to learn. Engaging students in the process is key to what the students get out of the class I hope you join us!

Grammar Scope and Sequence:

Level 5

  • Nouns-Appositives, Concrete, Abstract
  • Pronouns- Class, Case, Antecedent of, Interrogative, Indefinite
  • Verbs- Linking, Principle parts
  • Adjectives- Limiting, Predicate
  • Adverbs- Degree
  • Interjections
  • Words-Archaic, Figurative
  • The Sentence- Basic parts, Predicate adjective, Simple, Compound, Unity
  • Capitalization- After interjections
  • Punctuation- Colon, Hyphen
  • Class Format: I will provide a monthly lesson plan before each month begins. It will show you what will be covered in class each Tuesday and what work is to be done at home. I will cover the week's lessons in class on Tuesday and then the students will have a daily grammar assignment, based on what was taught Tuesday, to complete at home. Spelling will require memorization of phonograms and spelling rules, as well as exercises to help students analyze and manipulate their spelling words via their spelling rules, and finally a weekly quiz at home based on the spelling list taught in class.
  • Placement:(For new students only)
  • Please have your student take the grammar diagnostic test and use the answer key link to correct to confirm placement in the correct grade level.


Class Type
Language Arts
09:40 am - 10:40 am
Carlsbad Campus
4th - 6th
Tuition Amount
$ 220.00 USD /term
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$ 0.00 USD /term
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