Aviation Science

5th - 12th
Monday 10:50 am - 11:50 am
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Course Description

Aviation Science (Semester 1):  This exciting class will focus on the science and history of many areas of aviation.  We will do segments on aerodynamics, airframes (airplane designs), engines, air space structure, navigation, and aircraft/aviation history.  There will be 3 Saturday field trips/activities including a field trip to an aviation museum, a radio control airplane flying day, and a day shooting solid propellant rockets - the ones that go up 1000'!  These are all 3 included in the tuition of the class, with the exception of the entry fee to the museum (if there is a charge at the one we visit).  We will also try to have a tour of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena if they are conducting tours again in the fall.  Class will meet together for all students grades 5-8 to maximize our numbers and efficiency, but there will be different curriculum and classroom tests for grades 5-6, and grades 7-8.
The instructor, Todd Nash, has over 1000 hours of flight time in the F-18 Hornet in the Marine Corps, and hundreds of hours in light civil planes as well.  Todd also ran airfields in the Marine Corps (including MCAS Miramar), and has both the basic and advanced certifications from AAAE for airport operations.  Todd also has an air show production and consulting company and has run over 25 air shows all over the world.  His extensive background in the aviation world, both civilian and military (9 years as an officer in the Marine Corps) gives him the ideal background to share the aviation world with your students.  To see some pictures of Todd’s aviation background and experiences, see his website (www.CaliforniaAthletics.com) and click on Aviation Classes.
There will be an academic portion to this class, but it will be fun to learn, and the goal is for every student to understand all the concepts and master the subjects at their level.  Students can plan on about 1 hour of homework between classes.  We will re-enforce learning objectives in class with experiments, manipulatives, slides giving visuals of subjects being studied, and field trips that solidify the learning objectives.  Students will have tests in each subject area, but it will be structured giving them every opportunity to master the subject and get an A in the class!  This class will definitely capitalize on student’s interest in aviation to learn more science, math, and history!
Todd is a vendor with all charter schools, so the class can be paid for entirely with a charter school PO.  Check with your charter school for “California Athletics” and “Todd Nash”.  Have the PO issued for 2 lump sums for $220 in September and $220 in November, or for a single lump sum for $440 in September.  You can also pay for the class by check, $440 at or before the first class.  
In the 2nd semester, Todd will follow this class with Aviation Careers.  This exciting class will teach students about the many different careers in the aviation world.  Many people think flying in the airlines is the only career in aviation, but there are many more.  Students will learn about the FAA, air traffic control, aviation mechanic, aerodynamic engineering and aircraft construction, airfield operations, as well as pilot careers.  Field trips will include a trip to a nearby airport to learn about airport operations and air traffic control, a trip to a local FBO to see what aircraft mechanics work looks like, possibly a trip to a military air station to learn about military aviation careers, and a trip to civil airport for a flight in a light civil aircraft!  Yes, students will have their hands on the controls!!  (With an instructor pilot in control of the airplane.)  The flight in the light airplane will be at a small additional cost for those who choose to participate.  Class will meet together to maximize our numbers and efficiency, but there will be different curriculum and classroom tests for different grade levels.  



Class Type
10:50 am - 11:50 am
Carlsbad Campus
Cry Room
5th - 12th
Tuition Amount
$ 440.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 0.00 USD /term
Accepts Charters
There will about 1 hour a week of homework for this class to prepare for class. All homework items will be covered in class to ensure everyone understands all the concepts covered that week.
Other Information
Todd is a vendor with ALL charter schools. Search for "California Athletics" and "Todd Nash". If you don't see Todd or California Athletics, email or call Todd and he will help you find him or will get set up as a vendor with your charter.

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