Fundamentals of Sports PE

Physical Education
K - 12th
Monday 9:40 am - 10:40 am
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Fundamentals of Sports PE:  Every student should be developing their motor skills, coordination, strength, conditioning, and learning sports skills.  It is required by the state now that students take PE all 12 years of school - all the way through high school!  The best way for students to do all of this is by learning individual sports skills.  Students will develop coordination, athleticism, strength and conditioning by working on the individual skills in various sports throughout the year.  Sports throughout the year can include basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, track & field, pickle-ball, fencing, and some recreational games.  There is probably no other class that will impact your student for the rest of their life as much as PE.  Your children need to learn sports skills and physical conditioning while they are growing up whether they want to or not, because that will set the foundation for their physical fitness for the rest of their life!  Even if they have had some exposure to some of the sports we will practice, they should repeat them.  As in any skill in life, they will get better with repetition, and none of them will ever get “too good” or get too much practice!
Sports practiced will be determined by the facilities available at the class site.  Students all work on their individual skills in small groups broken down by age and skill level, so all ages can work in the same class.  Some equipment may be needed for students to continue practicing their skills at home, and for students to use in class.  If we work on baseball skills, students will need a ball glove, but they do not need a bat.  For basketball, students will need a ball to practice with at home, but Coach Nash will supply balls for class.  Don't let your child decide whether they want to learn physical skills based on whether they "want to" or not.  We apply that thinking to competitive teams, but not to PE class.  We don't ask them if they want to learn subtraction, because we know it is a life skill they have to learn.  The same applies to their Physical Education.  They need to learn a wide variety of sports skills, do some conditioning and strength work, and learn to play cooperatively AND competitively with other students.  Most of the time, after kids learn some basic skills in a sport, they enjoy it.  They will grow in this class and have FUN!

Todd is a vendor with all charter schools, so the class can be paid for entirely with a charter school PO.  Check with your charter school for “California Athletics” and “Todd Nash”.  Have the PO issued for 1 lump sum for $240 in September, or if they prefer multiple POs, have POs issued for $120 in September, and $120 in November.  You can also pay for the class by check, $240 at or before the first class.  Check with your charter school for "California Athletics" or "Todd Nash".  You can also check with Todd to see if he is a vendor with your school.  Email if you have any questions:

To see pictures of students in sports classes, go to and click on SPORTS CLASSES.  This will help give you a feel for the atmosphere in classes.



Class Type
Physical Education
09:40 am - 10:40 am
Carlsbad Campus
K - 12th
Tuition Amount
$ 240.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 0.00 USD /term
Accepts Charters
There is no academic homework for this class, but students will improve dramatically more if they have some sports equipment for the sports we work on. Any practice time they can get will help them. If you want to use this to meet state standards for PE, students should practice 30 minutes a day for 4 other days during the week to meet the state standard for K-8, and a little more for grades 9-12.
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Todd is a vendor with ALL charter schools. Search for "California Athletics" and "Todd Nash". If you don't see Todd or California Athletics, email or call Todd and he will help you find him or will get set up as a vendor with your charter.

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