2nd Grade Program

Elementary Program
Monday, Wednesday 8:00 am - 10:10 am
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Second-Grade Program

 Spell to Write and Read
Spell to Write and Read (SWR) is a program that believes reading naturally flows from spelling comprehension. SWR focus on what’s behind a word’s spelling that causes us to pronounce it a certain way. SWR provides students with spelling strategies and rules to help them decode words they encounter each day. A major component of the SWR program is studying and memorizing the 70 basic phonograms. It is a multi-sensory program that utilizes the senses as tools. I have personally seen the remarkable benefits of SWR and how this program truly helps a student become a strong reader through spelling instruction. SWR has also proven to be very successful for students with learning difficulties. 
Class time will be spent: 
  • Students will be taught 10 spelling words in each class period. 
  • We will utilize kinesthetic movement to help build memory and retention of words and phonograms. 
  • Students will need to bring their spelling log to each class. 

At home: 
Parents are asked to…
  • Review weekly phonograms 
  • Practice spelling words from spelling logs 
  • Encourage students to write in cursive (part of the SWR program) 
Right Start Math
(Taken from RSM website): “The RS2 Level C Lessons continues to build on known addition and subtraction facts works with 4-digit addition and subtraction and 2-digit mental calculations and introduces multiplication and fractions. Other topics include area and perimeter, measurement, money, time, and basic fractions. They also work with drawing tools to explore geometric designs. Problem-solving is emphasized. Card games are included in the lessons.” 
Class time will be spent:                                                                 
  • Going over lessons and key concepts 
  • Use hands-on manipulatives to help make abstract concepts concrete 
  • Build number sense and math fact fluency (i.e. skip-counting, use of hundred charts, and building memory of addition and subtraction facts) 
At home: 
Parents are asked to…
  • Practice/review concepts taught in class (You will not be asked to teach the lessons, I will be giving instruction and strategies in class. I ask that you review math fact flashcards at home and continue practicing the strategies I have given in class). 
Growing with Grammar – Level 2
(Taken from website): Lessons contain games such as identifying correctly punctuated sentences, identifying fragments and sentences, finishing sentences with words, rewriting sentences correctly, and identify parts of speech. It is meant to be taught three days a week. 

Materials purchased by parent: 

$700/per semester (I accept charter funds from Inspire, iLead, and Excel)


Class Type
Elementary Program
Monday, Wednesday
08:00 am - 10:10 am
Orange County Campus
M 102
Tuition Amount
$ 680.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 20.00 USD /term
Accepts Charters
Around 6 hours a week depending on the student. As these are your core subjects, you will have math, spelling, and grammar homework to complete on the days you are not at ILA. The idea is that you will spend 2 hours on each non-ILA day (Tues, Wed, Thurs) completing the assigned homework. Please email for more questions regarding work completed at home.
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