Creative Writing

Language Arts
6th - 10th
Tuesday 2:10 pm - 3:40 pm
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Creative Writing
1.5-hour class
   This class will meet in-person and will also be live-streamed and recorded through the new ILA Learning Management System (LMS). These options are provided so that your student can learn from home if you are not yet comfortable with meeting in-person, and you are welcome to alternate between options every week.
     My goal is to build a community of creative writers, and the words “essay” and “composition”  are avoided since this is not an English Composition class.  The goal is to have the freedom to write creatively without focusing on ”rules” which could squelch creativity, but there are helpful writing strategies that can be learned. As each student learns to apply these strategies, they will gain confidence in their writing abilities. They will also learn to use their own unique, individual voice in becoming an excellent writer.  Embracing all styles of fiction and nonfiction writing from straight to humorous to lyrical poetry, the student will use figurative language tools to improve their writing skills. For example, they may use personification (“The wind howled”), to make their story more interesting to a reader.  
     The student will learn to write memoirs, novellas, short stories, song lyrics, poems, and articles. They will study the writing process of prewriting, writing, revising, editing, and publishing. Although it may take several months, or years, to actually complete a novel, the student will begin the process. They will develop characters, write dialogue, build settings, hatch plots, show rising action, falling action, and resolution. Every student has a unique personal story or experience, and it is important they learn to write in a way that is interesting to readers. 
    Writing topics will range from childhood memories to travel adventures (real or fiction), to hobbies, and there are no mistakes, only opportunities for learning. Students are encouraged, but not required, to share their writing with the class or “writing club” members, and they will give and receive suggestions from others. Only uplifting and constructive comments are allowed, and students should try to avoid being sensitive to receiving input from the teacher or from fellow students since we are all trying to help each other improve as writers. A good writer is always writing and always seeking new ideas.

For a sample lesson plan, see Lesson 1 at the bottom of this page.
     This is a year-long class, and students will be automatically enrolled in the second semester unless other arrangements are made. Since there are limited spaces in the class and this class fills quickly, please release your saved spot if your plans change in order to keep from taking the place of another student. Thank you for your consideration! 
Charter funds accepted: Yes (see list of approved schools below)
$310 per semester
All charter schools (except Inspire), please request a monthly PO of:
$77.50/mo for 4 months ($310) for Sep - Jan, 1st semester 
$77.50/mo for 4 months ($310) for Feb - June, 2nd semester
Inspire students: Please request a PO for the total amount since they do not require classes to be complete before paying.
Private pay: Please make a check payable to Robin Young and contact for a mailing address. Venmo is also accepted @robinyoungpottery.     
Thank you!
Robin Young

Classes available:
  • Creative Writing
  • Fine Art with the Masters (Drawing & Painting)
  • Pottery - Carlsbad Campus and Zoom Classes

List of Approved Charter Schools (I will apply to others upon request):
Cabrillo Point Academy
Citrus Springs
Community Collaborative
Dehesa / Dimensions
Elite Academy
Empire Springs
Excel Academy
Granite Mountain
National University Academy (NUA)
Pacific Coast Academy
River Springs
Sage Oak
Scale Academy
Sky Mountain

Sample Lesson Plan:
Lesson 1: The 5 stages of the Writing Process. (This lesson will be referred to throughout the year).

Stage 1: Pre-writing/ Planning (Brainstorming)
  • Decide your purpose. What are you trying to accomplish with your writing? You could choose to write in a narrative (to tell a story), argumentative (to convince), or expository (to explain) style.
  • Identify your audience. Who are your readers? Are they teenagers, children, adults? 
  • Choose your topic. What is the focus of your writing?
  • Brainstorm ideas. Make a list of possible things you could write about.  
Write down as many ideas as you can. Carry a small notebook or sticky notes with you to jot down ideas wherever you are. For a list of ways to find inspiration for writing: Click here

     Brainstorming web: Use a “web diagram” as a way to organize ideas before writing. Write your topic in the center circle, and then add subtopics that connect to the main topic. Each subtopic can have its own extension, which can also have subtopics. 

Assignment: Create a brainstorming web. For examples of a web, click here.

Stage 2: Writing (Drafting)
  • Gather information and write it on paper. There is no need for specifics yet. 
  • Write paragraphs without being concerned about grammar and spelling at this point. 
  • Read what you have written and decide if it is clear. If not, then revise your plan.

Stage 3: Revising (Rewriting)
  • Read what you have written again and again!
  • A good writer is an excellent rewriter.
  • Rearrange words or sentences, and make sure you are not repeating sentences.
  • Take out or add sentences. Do all parts support your topic?
  • Replace unclear or repetitive words such as, “said”, and refer to a thesaurus to find new words.
  • Read your writing aloud to someone to make sure it reads smoothly.

Stage 4: Editing (Proofreading)
  • Look for any errors in your paper. 
  • Make sure all sentences are complete with a subject and a verb. 
  • Correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. 
  • Change words that are not used correctly such as “their”, “there”, and “they’re”.

Stage 5: Final Draft/ Publishing
  • This is the accumulation of all your hard work. 
  • Ask someone to proofread your work one final time before it is submitted to a teacher, posted online, or published.
  • Recopy your work correctly and neatly using your best writing, or print your work from a computer.

Lesson plans for use only by paid students of Robin Young 



Class Type
Language Arts
02:10 pm - 03:40 pm
Orange County Campus
6th - 10th
Tuition Amount
$ 310.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 0.00 USD /term
Accepts Charters
Minimal. Homework is optional since time is allowed in class to complete writing assignments. But, I do encourage students to write at home every day. To become a good writer, you must write!
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