Literature Circle

Language Arts
5th - 6th
Tuesday 2:10 pm - 3:10 pm
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Course Description

Literature Circle is an engaging class designed for a 5th-6th grade reader.  I will aim to challenge each student to their potential and also accommodate his/her needs when necessary.  I have a number of novels I am looking at right now to read and study, as I plan the curriculum.  (See below)
  •  The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
  • The Secret Garden
  • Diary of Anne Frank
  • Rip Van Winkle
  • The Door in the Wall
  • Fantasy Toll Booth
  • Encyclopedia Brown
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Stone Fox
  • Sideways Stories From Wayside School

In literature circles, small groups of students gather together to discuss a piece of literature in depth. The discussion is guided by students' response to what they have read. We will discuss events and characters in the books, the author's craft, or personal experiences related to the story.  We will explore all the story elements involved and find ways to really dive deep into our stories.  WHILE HAVING FUN!  We will work on vocabulary, comprehension, confidence and fluency. The books will be inviting and capture their attention.  The classes will  involve discussions, projects and other things to keep the students engaged and excited about reading.  I will supply all books!
I will send home weekly lesson plans for families in order to continue novel studies.
I will also incorporate some step-up-to writing and write from the beginning and beyond strategies. 
The class fee is $240, that includes ALL supplies, books, materials , etc.  I will be purchasing all books for your child to keep, was well as craft/art supplies  I will also supply all pencils, erasers, markers, and anything else needed for interactive learning.  
I will accept charter funds: Inspire, Excel, ILead



Class Type
Language Arts
02:10 pm - 03:10 pm
Orange County Campus
5th - 6th
Tuition Amount
$ 240.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 0.00 USD /term
Accepts Charters
1-2 hours per week
Other Information
I accept charter funds through iLead, Excel and Inspire

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