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Tuesday 9:40 am - 11:10 am
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Singapore Math’s Primary Mathematics, U.S. Edition series is well loved by homeschool families everywhere. Parents appreciate the high test scores, deep understanding of mathematical concepts, and love of math this program produces.
Please see the Singapore website for further information about the curriculum and for placement tests. Students new to Singapore Math may wish to choose their class according to their placement test results as Singapore is often a year ahead of other math programs in concept complexity. When placing my own children in Singapore for the first time, I did a bit of math review over the summer which helped them to be ready for Singapore success and enjoyment that Fall. 
Each Monday, new concepts will be introduced in a fun, hands-on, supportive classroom environment. I want your child to fall in love with math this year! They will leave class with an assignment of daily, independent work to reinforce introduced concepts. This work be completed at home, corrected by you, and brought into class the following week for my review. Periodically, your child will take a test at home to identify any areas needing reinforcement. I will grade these tests myself and provide your child with reteaching and/or reinforcement activities to solidify learning if needed.
Most students require consistent review to keep from forgetting all their hard-earned math knowledge. Because of this, I have also incorporated a short, spiral review, to be completed each day, into this course.  This review is called 180 Days of Math for 5th Grade.

Required Books:

Primary Mathematics, U.S. Edition, 5a and 5b Textbooks  ISBN 978-981-01-8510-7 AND 978-981-01-8511-4
Primary Mathematics, U.S. Edition, 5a and 5b Workbooks  ISBN 978-981-01-8512-1 AND 978-981-01-8513-8
Primary Mathematics, U.S. Edition, 5a and 5b Home Instructor's Guides 
ISBN 978-1-887840-86-6 AND 978-1-887840-87-3
5a books are for the Fall Semester and 5b books are for the Spring Semester
180 Days of Math for Fifth Grade ISBN 978-1425808082

This is a year-long course and is eligible for charter school funds.
I also offer homework help each week in my home at NO additional cost.
I am a vendor with many charter schools including Excel, iLEAD, Sage Oak, NUA, and Inspire.  My vendor name is Meredith Barr.


Class Type
09:40 am - 11:10 am
Orange County Campus
Tuition Amount
$ 288.00 USD /term
Material Fee
$ 20.00 USD /year
Accepts Charters
Students should expect to spend about 30 minutes a day on math homework.
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